Knowledge quiz

first, what is mortgage-free?
also said no guarantees borrowing (credit borrowing) is not need any mortgage real, only need provides identity proved, credit, water, live proved, documents to like Bank or P2P network borrowing platform for borrowing business of handle, Bank or P2P network borrowing platform in according to user of personal credit situation to for audit lending, interest rates General is than has mortgage real of borrowing business high of, customer is can according to himself of reality to select borrowing of years, Then sign contract with Bank lending or P2P network platform.

Second, unsecured loan products?
1, unsecured-no need of any pledge of property
2, simple applications easy-flow, application site, specified receiving point, making it easy to apply.
3, long-cycle borrowing can choose the length of time, period of loan maximum up to 36 months.
4 limit high – on the borrower's income and credit status of comprehensive evaluation. Maximum loan amount of up to 300,000 yuan. 5, fixed interest rate loan to a fixed rate, not subject to fluctuations in market interest rates, reducing the risk of interest rate, enjoy the discount.

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