Loan stress test the humane considerations

in the State under the strict control of the property market, developers days is not good. Property market increasingly tight, consumer-payment loan funding pressure is increased, the price trend is still in a vague, unclear State, there is no clear look. In such circumstances, banking institutions to lend stress testing efforts to gradually raise. If housing prices fall 30%, banks can still carry it live?

in recent years, Government mortgage stress tests for banks have been kept. In October last year, the CBRC announced on 60 real estate enterprises in China to conduct stress tests results, real estate credit risks are known. After analysis of samples found that the proportion of large loans due within one year is 28.3%, due before the end of 2012 the proportion of large loans to 63.6%. As the housing market adjustment continues, and part of the loans coming due, overdue loans or real estate will be increased.

last month, the State regulator will continue to keep the original test, the frequency from quarterly to monthly, a measure that would allow banks to loan pressure swells. Now, monthly real estate loan stress test first started this round of tests given scenarios more carefully and strictly. This test some different, for different areas of the test scenario is slightly different, concrete analysis of concrete problems, implementing humane considerations.

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