First mortgage rates rise to universal phenomenon

the past, when people are when it comes to the first mortgage, you will get the discount, generally easier to borrow money. However, this phenomenon at this stage is no longer appear. Yesterday, the Hangzhou most of the banks had to raise mortgage interest rates, raising the rate generally is 5%~10%, the highest up to 20%.

news that include China Everbright Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, ping an Bank, and other banks have increased mortgage interest rates, which most banks are taking up 5%-10% adjustment. Even some banks for bad credit customers take a hard adjustment goes to increase rate of 20%. According to the current form, this kind of buoyant trend still shows signs of growing. On these phenomena, the Bank explained that it was due to the narrowing of the credit line prescribed by the State, led to a personal mortgage rates grow up.

in fact, in addition to outside Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Chongqing is also the phenomenon of floating mortgage rates. According to sources, some banks in Guangzhou will mortgage rates rise 5%~10%, and some lack of credit Bank, had taken a "darkened" way, that is-the second mortgage if the borrower agrees to benchmark interest rates based on the floating 15%~20%, so it is easier to get a loan. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Bank of Chongqing have second mortgage interest rates from the previous benchmark interest rate floating 10%, to float 30%, mortgage interest rates have also been rising, which is common among Chongqing spring fair this year.

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