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circulating in the industry a message some time ago, I heard that stop a bank loan, the news came just need worrying. Because if banks stop it, their days will be difficult to proceed. But the news was quickly broken. At present, the banks recognize credit issued will be slow, but won't stop, change is an extension of time, because the procedure has become more stringent.

is also a loan to buy a House, there are a lot of buyers who have found a shortcut---mortgage. Small series of learned from the new West Bank secured loan companies in Fujian, this real estate as collateral to the Bank for loans cannot be used for the purchase, but the flounder went to real estate. The professionals tell Xiao bian, "banks squeezed for direct credit was gone before that kind of attitude, but to replace it with the old property as collateral for the loan application, Bank approvals and lending will be easier to pass. "

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in the current direct credit difficult moment, mortgages may be a dose of medicine to cure dream just so eager to get a room. Small series in here for everyone to calculate accounts. At the beginning of this year, if using the old property as collateral to apply for a loan, the interest rate is usually based on the benchmark interest rates float 10%. Clearly, this situation is now difficult to emerge. However, small series from the Bank informed that current mortgage interest rate is 115% of the base rate, or even request 130%. In addition, in accordance with the regulations, could only apply for a mortgage mortgage loan the old 70% of the assessed value of the property, from which it is easy to see, the mortgage is not cost-effective, and interest costs likely higher. However, in "loans" situation, even as interest rates rise, curve through mortgage buy house buyers get loans, the number of minority. As we apply to money in the Bank is considering buying a House is the most critical.

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