The CBRC urged banks mortgage disputes

it is understood that the banks agencies solve mortgage disputes are facing many difficulties: first of all thanks to national efforts to control the real estate market continued to increase, banks assume a central macro-control policies to implement important tasks. Coupled with the continual tightening of funds, bank credit in a tight State, wants to completely solve a backlog of mortgages still need a longer process. And secondly because bank customers have submitted loan applications or unilaterally signed loan contracts, loan information is not complete, the contract is not enough transaction verification and other reasons, but not the banks and securing loans with favourable interest rates. In this regard, national banking regulatory Bureau has urged all banks arrange to contact customers, "one to" discuss with the home loan customers to communicate, do a really good job with customer's interpretation.

according to the Guangdong provincial Department of CBRC, from after the Spring Festival this year, the CBRC urged banks to press the original contract or mortgage rates loan with loan book to determine, the issue has largely been resolved now. According to reports, from February 28 to April 8, banks in Guangdong Province have been granted individual housing loans had reached more than 20,000 involving disputes, totaling more than billion, 70% of all home loans have been proper resolved the dispute.


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