Under high pressure diving hard to gain acceptance

at a time when housing is about to expire year, under high pressure, and where house prices go? Yesterday, the newspaper said in a dispatch on property regulation is not up to expectations, and may even fall into the cycle of more rises.

March's overall stabilization of the situation in the property market, at the same time, "the most serious" the effectiveness of the housing policy is gradually revealed, the property market is entering a crucial period shifted from volume decline in prices.

but at this critical time, some cities are already busy this time effectiveness of market regulation, or even a part of the city that the local market regulation has been effective. In addition, due to the market became increasingly cold, Developer's enthusiasm has reduced, some people think the regulation of real estate should be relaxed. According to the statistics, national home prices stabilize, because around the recent influx of cheap real estate around the urban area of the city, and expensive real estate to defer selling or unable to enter the market for pre-sale permit could not be, resulting in the city's lower average prices gradually. This phenomenon is in many people's view of "flops" is just an illusion.

experts believe that when the initial effectiveness of adjustment case, should continue to insist on its relaxed state. In particular try to seize the favorable opportunities, accelerate the pace of reform of the system, increase the intensity of middle and small type of commercial supply. So, even if the control be relaxed in the future, under the role of market mechanism for their health, however, there will be no big ups and downs.

only prices to stay real stability, people can live, so that it really can be said to real estate success, achieving real harmony of society.

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