Reserve mortgage entered a period of freezing

people's Bank of China announced on 17th, 21st, raise the deposit reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions 0.5%. This is the fourth RRR since this year. In 2011, the Central Bank at a monthly rate, three times in the past quarter, raised its deposit reserve ratio. But it is also the Central Bank since last year increased for the tenth time on reserve. After the increase, large and medium sized financial institutions deposit reserve rate reached a historical high of 20.5%. According to estimates, this one-time frozen bank funds more than 360 billion yuan.

reserve requirements on the stock market has little effect on

Director of CITIC asset management believes that the Central Bank raised the reserve requirement ratio is the expected thing. Market has been reacting on Friday, so little effect on the stock market this week, future will show a less optimistic picture.  The Central Bank raised the reserve requirement ratio to curb inflation, rather than the stock market, so had little effect on the stock market.

mortgages entered a period of freeze

Bank rate rises do not stop, again raised the lending and deposit reserve ratio, making money is tight, mortgage interest rates no longer appears. After this again raised its deposit reserve ratio, banks ' capital exacerbated, mortgages will enter the freezing period, processes or of individual housing loans will be stopped. Each step by step slightly raised, and no adjustment cap of the reserve requirement ratio, the high prices of the city, this means that the demand for loans to buy a House and have been suppressed, it will test again to keep "real strong" developers of the liquidity of the Fund chain.

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