Forecast: housing market fell from minus price changes

long period of control measures implemented, had a certain impact on the property market. Raised the deposit reserve ratio 10 times and 4 times in a row to raise interest rates, show intention of the Central Bank wants to tighten market liquidity. In that time, falling property market turnover has become a common phenomenon. But this situation will continue forever? In the minds of many members of the public to be one of the questions.

current mortgage interest rates have in fact tidal surges. According to reports, because of the Bank's cash-strapped and credit risk awareness promotion, overall increase in mortgage interest rate for bank customers. This change in credit conditions not only for borrowing costs rising exponentially, and the availability of funds for commercial banks more difficult. In recent years, China's real estate market, mostly market created by commercial banks, most of the real estate bubble is also borrowed by banks on credit. As long as banks to deleverage, property speculators not only afraid to enter the housing market speculation was unable to enter the market. In this case, as long as the speculators out of domestic housing market as a whole is expected to drastically change or even reverse the housing market sales will amount to a price drop. Professionals predicted that amount will be converted into the price drop in the near future is waiting for us.

current mortgage interest rate changes and the emergence of the current pattern, there is public concern, mortgage rates overall increases will affect the demand of the public in the purchase, resulting in accidental injury needs. However, in the case of high prices, due to restrictions by the individual's ability to pay or housing purchasing power, housing demand is very limited. Since under the high prices since demand will not be able to enter the market, basic housing speculation in the market, mortgage rates will not accidentally necessary. Because, if the entire credit market conditions change, the speculation out of the market, house prices return to reason is the inevitable result. When housing prices after the return to reason, housing demand be able gradually to enter the housing market.

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