Some banks deny loans recognize just needs are expected to improve

recently, the Bank first, defining their second homes seem a bit loose. It has been said that some Bank clients to sell House buy a house mortgage compare first mortgage? that is, "If the customer is only one room, selling and then buying a House can be obtained in accordance with the first application, then the down payment to buy a House again reduced to 30%, lowest loan interest rates can reach 85 percent discount. "In addition, if buyers two homes sold after one, home buyers can also be second homes to get loans from banks. But if buyers owe more on their mortgages before must be completely paid off.

However, it is understood that not all banks are able to perform as this under "recognition, and deny loan" number of banks is in the minority. At present, several large State-owned banks are still implementing ' identification and recognize credits ' exacting standards. The successful implementation of "recognition denied credit" bank customers qualification requirements are relatively high. A loan at a bank Commissioner, said, "If the Bank determines that the customer-led home loan, can be 30% down provisions, but not on the loan interest rate discounts are too wide, more stringent. Only those banks identified as teacher quality customers can enjoy preferential interest rates to 85 percent of the loan, otherwise it can only perform a benchmark interest rate. "

small banks a strong grab the market

requires, given that some banks of the second Suite defined, does that mean the mortgage policy of banks eased?

such things are generally less likely to happen. One banker said. The amount of the mortgage from the Bank this year due to tight credit generally, some mortgage business would not be able to meet the margin requirements, many banks had to turn our business areas of consumer and other loans, in an effort to increase revenue.

financial experts believe that the Bank mortgage is executed when "recognition, and deny loan" standard, which does not give the Bank a greater financial risk. "Under the current circumstances, banks ' identification does not recognize credits ' executed as long as the applications before customers have full reimbursement of loans clearly. And banks taking risks into account, also higher demands on customer qualifications, this lending source is better.

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