What kind of House is a second home?

at present, the national policy on second homes there have been big changes. However, there are still many people the definition of second homes is not well understood, what kind of House would be second homes? How the provisions of the State?

supplementary notice on strengthening commercial real estate credit management silver [of the second suite, 2007]452 made the following definition:

first, family of the borrower (including borrowers, spouses and minor children) for the identified number of mortgages.

Second, for using Bank loans to buy the first House of the family, if the per capita housing area is lower than the local average, again apply to commercial banks for housing loans, first from the housing loan policy, but borrowers should provide more local real estate management sector issued by the housing registration system based on family houses with a total area of query results. Others were executed in the second mortgage.

three families, have made use of the housing provident fund housing loans, again apply to commercial banks for housing loans, according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

while the several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the real estate market that non-first home loan must meet, improving, ordinary houses of the three conditions in order to perform the first suite of preferential policies. For other loans to buy second homes and above, the minimum down-payment ratio shall not be less than 40%, lending rates by commercial banks based on the benchmark interest rate determined according to the risk is reasonable.

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