Non-bank home loan approval time may

recently, individual dealers complain of Fuzhou, to Bank the purchase procedure is now in trouble, and to produce not only a business license, tax registration certificate, book details, household personal income tax certificate is still, even going to the first suite of Bureau of printing houses original copies of registration certificates, cumbersome process than it used to be strictly a lot. Even after a series of complex procedures, the application procedures are still not approved.

not only individuals, self-employed encounter such a situation, even some developers feel for home mortgage loans much harder than before. Fuzhou property developer Mr Leung told reporters that "real estate last year when customers apply for personal loans, you can also enjoy 70 percent and 85 percent preferential interest rates, and now only 90 percent, even some concessions. The last, from loan application to approval takes about a month, now drag on for as long as three months. "According to reports, some banks when you apply for personal loans, does appear longer, complex procedures, interest rates rise.

the Bank said that "as long as the customer applying for mortgage qualification good, buyers are not used for speculative real estate, approval speed is faster. "But if Bank mortgage line of credit too tight, personal mortgage lenders do sometimes banks to slow time, and this situation is unavoidable, this is not what we wish to see.


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