Individuals buying three large loan

citizen King yesterday asked Xinhua road, I thought about buying property in his own name, what should I do? What should I pay attention? What to avoid when handling the housing loan?

at present, the main housing provident fund housing loans personal housing loans, commercial loans, combination of individual housing loans in three

1, housing accumulation Fund loan: for payment of public housing Provident Fund, if you want to purchase through loans, the best choice is the housing Provident Fund low-interest loans. Because of this kind of nature of loans with subsidies, loans at low interest rates, so highly popular. Rates on Provident Fund loans not only lower than the commercial banks ' lending rates over the same period, or even lower than commercial bank deposit rate in the same period. Meanwhile, in handling formalities such as mortgage and insurance charges in half.

2, and personal housing commercial loan: this loan varieties of application, as long as customer in loan bank deposits balance accounted for purchase housing by needed funds amount of proportion not below 30%, and needed to this paragraph as purchase first payment, and has Loan Bank recognized of assets as mortgage or pledge, or has enough compensatory capacity of units or personal as reimbursement loan principal and interest and bear joint responsibility of guarantor. Provided that they meet the above conditions, you can apply for personal commercial housing loan.

3, combination of individual housing loans: under normal circumstances, housing Provident Fund management centres to issuance of Provident Fund loans, up 10.29 million Yuan. If the purchase exceeds this ceiling, of inadequate housing commercial loan application to the Bank. The two loans together called a combination loan. The combination of loan interest rates than other types of loans are relatively moderate, larger loan amounts, therefore a lot of people who used this combination in the form of loans to home buyers.


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