A new round of mortgage stress test performed

on the occasion of a new round of mortgage stress test is about to start, reflecting national regulatory authorities risk real estate take a cautious approach, but it is not representative of the current situation of real estate loans are bad, there is greater risk of the phenomenon. Stress testing is one of the most frequently used means of proactive risk management of commercial banks, improve risk management of commercial banks is needed, but not the important part. Reporters from the Mainland authorities that, this round of mortgage stress tests and there will be no new initiatives or content, is still designed according to risk and profitability forecast scenarios do. Regions, the Bank is based on a concrete analysis of concrete problems to solve problems will still choose their own stress tests, does not take all measures.

mortgage stress test to a cookie-cutter

industry insiders said, because of greater control of interest rates, credit stress test hard assets. However, in order to guard against interest rate risk and volatile real estate market considerations, medium-and long-term loans in real estate industry have to do stress testing. However, mortgage stress tests and scenarios to each commercial bank based on their portfolio, risk-bearing capacity and risk appetite for design. Analysts believe that a new round of stress tests were more likely to be based around price fluctuations, and appropriate to raise the pressure test. But the CBRC officials had previously stressed the various scenarios does not represent the CBRC judgments of real estate market trends, does not represent the real estate credit policies may also change.

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