Beijing postal savings banks to reduce loan requirements

recently, the mortgage squeeze words appear frequently in our sight, and heard a lot of complaints about the Bank again and the voices of the people. However, when the banks have retrenched mortgage, postal savings bank in Beijing was silently cut mortgage threshold by that used to "acknowledge and recognize credits" reduced to "only, and deny loan". The news is a good news for many people in Beijing, because it means that you only need to take a family real estate sold under that name, there will be a couple of neither House, then again apply for a mortgage to the first suite of benefits.

now, the postal savings bank in Beijing has already begun to implement "only deny loans." Compared with the previous "families", "both recognized and recognize credits" second homes compared to standard, new standard to the customer's request to relax a lot. After consultation with the customer service staff to confirm, postal savings bank is indeed the policy had been implemented. However, in terms of down payments and postal savings banks required down payment on a first home 30%, based on the interest rates in the benchmark interest rate of 85 percent.


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