A loan "sustained release" is only temporary

it is understood that some banks in order to adjust the scale and pace of credit, review customer requirements, apply for mortgage customers has been growing, and delay the pace a lot. Buyers also feel difficult to handle increased significantly, the "stopped" message is actually a "delayed". In the context of supervision of liquidity are more rigid, "delayed" reflects part of individual housing loans of bank money tightening State exposure.

  deposit reserve rate constant increase, regulators set index gradually raise, plus the difference reserve ratio adjustments, banks face growing tension money. In addition, the State regulation of the real estate market is also an important reason for its austerity. Industry professionals said, with stricter control measures such as the implementation and follow-up of the real estate, Bank for risk reasons, payment of mortgages will be more cautious, will delay the approval process is naturally occurring.

However, some experts said, banks "delayed" personal loans should only be a temporary phenomenon, not always the case. Personal loans and strict, which is considering the curb speculative purchases, is conducive to the stable and healthy development of China's real estate market as a whole, promote the harmonious order of our real estate development.

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