The first set of preferential interest rates, two hard again offers

personal credit will have anything to do with the mortgage application? Personal credit situation will affect members of the public to enjoy preferential mortgage rates? since the beginning of this year, major banks have tightened mortgage. But banks still need to be selected according to customer's actual situation, and past credit status directly affects the floating mortgage rates.

first set of rates concessions?

the level of mortgage rates is directly related to the repayment of the public pressure. Raise interest rates in the current channel, the country has repeatedly raised the benchmark lending rate. Although wants to enjoy the preferential interest rate is an unlikely thing, most banks in the city can only give its benchmark interest rate for the first mortgage, but the public can still were surprised to find that 85 percent of the lending rate of individual banks.

some Bank staff told reporters that the current provisions of the first mortgage, can give customers a minimum of 85 percent of the lending rate and the property is not specified, but some properties require buyers to only have a previous partnership with the Bank for mortgages or personal credit conditions. But if people apply for mortgage credit is not in very good condition, even buying first home, mortgage rates or float.

two sets of policies for loose sign

Although there are still favorable, but the second mortgage, banks are still minimal down payment 60%, floating loan interest rate 10% loan policy, and no "loose" sign. But if it's to sell the existing House, may also apply for admission to the first set of preferential interest rates. But the twists and turns are still people think you want to just go, don't jump the gun.


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