Recognize not recognized credits only to seize the market

postal savings banks said yesterday Beijing "recognition, and deny loan" policy. Less than a day's time, there will be another bank has implemented such a policy, softened the requirement to apply for mortgage customers.

bankers in this evaluation than lines nervous banks to identify and recognize for other banks that loan, approval criteria of the two banks is relatively easy, in large and medium Bank loan business focus to consumer loans at the same time, avoid other individual banks in order to seize the market and come up with some tricks to showmanship.

but according to the provisions of the relevant national laws, mortgage applicants both have applied for a mortgage in the name property, when applying for a mortgage bank will be identified as "second homes". Which only denied credit standards is this means that regardless of the loan applicants had applied for a loan at the Bank, as long as the home of the houses sold, that is, couples in which both don't have a House, apply for a mortgage or you can enjoy again and again to first offer.

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the two banks of the second suite to take this "tolerance" means the national mortgage policy easing? professionals said, as some of the Bank's mortgage business startup time is later than the other banks, which does not exclude the possibility that some banks in the rival attack to seize when tightening mortgage customers. At present, individual housing loans, lower business rates, basis and help the Bank expand customer base has played a big role. However, consumer loans, business loans, business is much higher than mortgage rates of return, so many banks are in transition, through appropriate to reduce the proportion of mortgage business, focus more on the higher-yielding business.

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