First set of 20% loan mortgage rates floating long lines still exist

along with the deposit reserve ratio adjustments, continued tightening of mortgage policy. Yesterday small series from Banyan tree learned that some bank branches, individual banks ' first mortgage rates changed from original float 10% float 20% interest rates second mortgage interest rates than other banks. However, the loan queue still exists, and none the less for when banks can loan customers also know nothing about it.

in parallel with the rise in interest rates, mortgage queues has not lessened. ICBC said the beginning of mortgage interest rate for the benchmark interest rate, but lenders when they do not know. CCB officers also said the list two or three months there is no backlog of loans issued, second-hand housing mortgage loans apply now already basically will not be accepted. Mortgage rates rise again, lenders were added monthly, more than the 5-year loan interest rate floating 10% for 7.48%. Has raised the reserve requirement ratio for banks overall credit scale will have a certain impact. Small learned that province in March new Yuan loans showed a decreasing trend.

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